Let’s face it: as much as Christmas songs are a cornerstone of the holiday season, the repetition year after year can make you want to rip the radio out of your console and hurl it into the snow.

It’s no surprise why we’re all frustrated. We’ve been leaching off the success of the same artists’ timeless holiday jingles for over half a century. In the process, we’ve doomed any contemporary artists trying to breach the holiday market to inevitable insignificance.

The barrier to entry for this mystical, tradition-obsessed genre is seemingly insurmountable. Yet, unknowingly to most of the public, a handful of daring artists still create some amazing holiday songs every year. Sure, some of these songs are reimagined versions of our favorite holiday classics, but others tackle modern subject matter like overpriced Christmas trees, working over the holidays, and the lack of family time for immigrants who are far from home this season.

I say it every year, but it’s just as necessary to take a second and realize something important when listening to this playlist: we have a natural resistance to new holiday music. After a lifetime of ingraining unforgettable sing-along songs into our brains on an annual basis, we struggle to adopt new holiday content into our lives just because we aren’t familiar with what we’re hearing. When you listen to this playlist, you won’t know most of the words. You won’t be familiar with most of the beats. But if you keep your heart open as the holiday season demands, you might find something you love courtesy of a few artists boldly sticking their necks out for our seasonal enjoyment.

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