The newest and probably most frequent segment I’ll be posting about is Song of the Day, or SOTD. This segment will just be one song each day that I’m diggin’ at the time. It could be new, old, popular, or virtually unknown…doesn’t matter to me, its just whatever feels right that day.

Normally I’ll only be doing this segment during weekdays rather than weekends, but I thought I’d break that rule just for this weekend so that I could get some more content up on the page.

This first SOTD is Heaven by New Navy, an Australian band out of Sydney. You’d be blown away to find how many great hidden bands and artists (and popular bands and artists for that matter) come out of Australia. The amount of times I’ve Googled a band and their band website, like New Navy’s, ended in “.au” is exponentially more times than I would have ever expected.

Anyway, today’s a real chilled out Saturday so I figured I’d share a real chill tune…enjoy!