Guess who got locked out of his building at 4am for a fire alarm?! Your main man FeenyFresh, that’s who! Oh, and guess whose building won’t let anyone back in for a few hours (or maybe longer) because of major flooding damage in half the rooms…you guessed it, FeenyFresh again! Luckily my apartment isn’t affected by the flooding damage since I’m on the top floor, but this is still the last thing I thought I’d have to deal with at this time of night.

When life gives you lemons though, right? Might as well make the song of the day today be about fire, so here’s Man On Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. This is my favorite song by one of my all time favorite groups. It’s a great balance between calming and upbeat while including interesting instruments like the didgeridoo in the song’s bridge. Not to mention this is another on of those songs that seems much more fun and happy when coupled with the visual aid of the music video. I can’t write too much in this sleep-deprived state of mind…so enjoy your sleep friends and hopefully you enjoy waking up to this awesome tune!