Get ready to live that crunchy hipster kind of life with Material Things by Jake Troth & Alex Goose. This blatantly obvious satirical piece is meant to be more fun than anything, as is seen through the goofy venues they are playing at int he music video and the almost childish sounding chorus. I actually hated the chorus when I first heard it, but it really grew on me once I started taking the song’s message less seriously and just started mindlessly dancing to it instead.

Jake Troth seems like the type of guy who’d be like “I live in California and want you to know it,” but he’s actually from Davidson, North Carolina. He hasn’t released any full studio albums yet and has a lot of good songs online that are bizarrely short (about a minute and a half in many cases). Aside from this seemingly incomplete solo work, he has done collaborations with artists like Big Boi, Kelly Rowland, Steve Angello, and Erik Hassle.