Today wraps up the week of live acoustic sessions! Some people may be going on spring break this weekend, but I still have a week to go, so I plan to have a weekend filled with as much relaxation as hard as possible. With its complicated yet soothing guitar rifts, the singer Andrew Panes’ calm yet assertive voice, and the simple yet beautiful aesthetics in the background of the music video, Silver Moon by Roo Panes is a perfect way to spark that mindset in us all.

Andrew Panes’ background is a singer and as a human being in general is fascinating. He gained the nickname “Roo” as a small child when he fell into a river. His friends named him Roo after the Winnie the Pooh character who had a similar experience playing a game in one of the Winnie the Pooh story books. He gathered inspiration to pursue a career in music from his grandmother who was a classically trained pianist as well as many other family members, but he did not gain fame for a good portion of his early career. In his mid-20’s, Roo got signed by Burberry to both perform music as well as model for the fashion brand. The combination of his musical talent as well as his success as a model for the company brought him a great deal of fame in the U.K. He used this fame to leverage his music career in an international sense and was eventually signed by CRC Music Group Ltd as a result.