Sometimes you hear a song and think “I have no idea why I like this song, but I love this song.” That couldn’t be more true with “Be Slowly” by JAWS. Maybe its the rolled up jeans, bolo tie, and dirty thrift store shirts of band members who apparently don’t care that there’s no need for sunglasses inside. Maybe its the classic extremely low budget indie filming style. Maybe its the song’s short length that, in combination with its differentiated song structure, leaves me wondering where the rest of the song is. Maybe I just freakin’ love raw alternative rock music. Whatever it is, this song’s got it.

JAWS comes from Birmingham, England and has a very Fratellis-esque scruffy British feel to them. You can tell simply by observing their demeanor that they don’t care about making money, impressing someone/anyone, or adjusting their sound to fit some sort of mold. They’re just kids being kids, doing whatever feels right. Be sure to watch this band in the near future. With only one full-length album under their belt, they have a long road ahead of them to turn some heads and impress the world with their natural sound.