What is there to say about one of the most legendary indie bands of all time? The band’s ability to flawlessly blend vocal harmonies and makes 6 band members sound like 1 immaculately-voiced human warrants the immense critical acclamation which they have rightfully received over the last 8 years. Unfortunately for their fan base however, Fleet Foxes have been on hiatus for the past 5 years. Several band members have pursued solo projects such as drummer/singer/guitarist Joshua Tillman working under the ever-popular pseudonym Father John Misty, while frontman Robin Pecknold went back to school to finish his degree at Colombia University.

So why post this song now, you ask? Well friends, there are two reasons. The first rather simple reason is that I heard this song in passing on a recent television commercial and immediately thought to myself while sitting with a large group friends, “I don’t think anyone in this room knows this song, but everyone should.” Second and more importantly, I read in a recent news article that Fleet Foxes are likely getting back together. Vocalist/guitarist Christian Wargo revealed in Distinct Daily that he had a conversation about reuniting the band with lead singer Robin Pecknold during a Joanna Newsom show, whom Pecknold was opening up for. Wargo did make sure to clarify that, “It’s not, like, ‘announced’ or anything, and none of us really knew it was coming, but it’s happening…Possibly unofficially at this stage, but it’s definitely a thing.” Sure you readers may not be able to see this through the screen, but I am absolutely giddy that one of the bands that got me obsessed with alternative/indie music in the first place might be reuniting. I’ll be waiting patiently (not really) for that official news to be released and be sure that I’ll let you all know immediately when I find out.