Santa Monica, California’s Chief isn’t going to rock your socks off with original lyrical concepts with this with this classic tale of being stuck in a relationship you can’t get out of, nor will they woo you with their basic getup and cramped 4 piece look. They will however, surprise you by turning from long-haired, stone-faced stoics into a red-faced and empowered collective, bellowing harmonies through their respective mics during the chorus as if the sound wouldn’t be heard if they sang any softer.

Chief embraces and exudes a strangely unique combination of west coast vibes with general fierceness and gloom, as “Night & Day'” seems to echo chords and drum lines similar to changing tides before, during and after a storm. Chief’s layered vocal style greatly resembles that of alternative superstars Band of Horses, while lead vocalist Evan Koga reflects his love for classic artists like Tom Petty and The Band with his dragged out melodies, yet exemplifies a deep and direct vocal sound similar to the likes of Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Whatever sound they’re going for isn’t one you’ll be able to hear live any time soon however, as they have typically only toured locally in Southern California over the past 5 years.