Life can sometimes seem like a power struggle. From the perspective of a student about to graduate college, I fully understand that the collegiate climb to become a privileged and carefree upperclassman will soon evaporate as I venture out into the world only to be labeled with the subservient title “entry level.” It’s all temporary though friends. As singer Tim Perry asserts, “Divisionary signifies a group whose vision of ‘right’ is upsetting to the existing power structure. It includes a philosophical, spiritual, and physical ‘breaking off’ from the status quo.” Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, am I right?

You aren’t going to be able to scroll on over to or open up that fat & dusty Merriam-Webster to be able to find out what Divisionary means, because Ages and Ages made the word up. They did so in order to describe how they felt progressing as individuals in the band. Perry again asserts that, “Visionaries don’t always create conflict, but they challenge the establishment with new ideas and with the threat of change. Where there is change, there is usually resistance, controversy, division.” That change and resistance does not imply stepping on toes however, as is implied with the continual stressing of doing “the right thing.” Sure, doing the right thing is subjective, but I trust you friends, you’re good people.