After my post yesterday about Boston Calling, I heard some interesting news regarding the festival. Since the festival’s inception just over three years ago, there has been a wave of star studded lineups hitting the stage at the iconic Government Center location right in the heart of downtown Boston. For those who have grown keen and accustomed to that historic location, things are about to change. The executives at Boston Calling have just announced that the festival will be moving to Allston at Harvard’s Athletic Complex next spring and will include film, comedy, and visual art. It will no longer be biannual as the fall dates have been cut out of the schedule so as the make the lineups more exclusive and the performances much broader when it is held once a year in the spring.

I personally think this is a great move. All major music festivals have these features, and Boston Calling certainly had some growing up to do if they were to compete on the national stage. After all, despite that Government Center was an immersive experience with a beautiful cityscape, it was a very cramped location that had obvious problems in relation to stage placement, rest areas, food distribution locations, and unnecessarily arduous crowd maneuvering tactics. Moving to a large athletic complex like the one at Harvard could solve a lot of these problems while still being close enough to the city for most people to gain easy access. In addition, having the festival two times a year always felt a bit cheesy, like they were pressed for money or trying too hard to get their name in the door. Having the festival once a year and focusing more on the lineup and overall experience could bring in actual headliners similar to what other festivals have as well. Your Kanyes, Paul McCartneys and Drakes of the world might finally show their faces in a major festival in this neck of the woods, which could be an amazing experience for everyone involved.

As someone who has been to about half of the Boston Calling festivals so far including the very first one back in May of 2013, I’ve decided that the next three songs of the day this week will all include some of my favorite bands that I would never have have appreciated enough if I didn’t see them live at Boston Calling. Boston Calling frequently features local, generally smaller acts as their opening acts, and Bad Rabbits was that small opener during the very first showing back in 2013. I found from that very first performance that the local opening acts can often surprise you with their talent and strenuous effort in an attempt to be noticed. Bad Rabbits were no exception to this exceptional level of talent and effort. They brought the funk, they brought the soul, and dammit, they brought the fun. Throughout their entire performance their were smiling from ear to ear as if they had finally made it to the big time, and the crowd really caught on and rode that wave of excitement during their set. Even after their set was over, they didn’t go back to their tents but rather stood in the back corners of the stage of with the stagehands, greeted all the other bands coming on, and danced by themselves to the music in what seemed like a day of pure joy and ecstasy. They have since released two studio albums, both of which have more funk than I could ever ask for, while they continue to climb the ladder of their alternative world in their quest to fulfill their dreams of fame and fortune (that may not be their dreams, I’m just guessing here).