I’m always incredibly hesitant to post songs of the day from world renowned artists because the essence of this blog is centered around providing the public with new or underground music they’ve never heard before. But if pushing unknown music into the light is the cornerstone of the figurative temple that is this blog, my effort to place consistently inspired pieces of written content within the blog post are the pillars within the temple.

That being said, I couldn’t help but send a tribute towards my family with today’s song of the day, as just hours ago they arrived in Rome, Italy to experience one of the most storied destinations in the world. Being left behind because of my recent entrance into the working world is disheartening but understandable nonetheless. I figure I might as well scroll over to one of the few Italian/classical songs in my cache, press play, close my eyes, and picture myself sitting by the Trevi Fountain, meandering the great halls of the Vatican, or simply sitting on a bench watching the Tiber river flow by.

It may sound strange or blown out of proportion, but I will never forget the first time I heard Andrea Bocelli sing. I was watching the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy as an eager 10 year old, newly invested in numerous winter sports like hockey and skiing. I thusly was fascinated with the concept of international competition in these young, newfound passions, so I watched every minute of the competitions and ceremonies that I could. Andrea Bocelli stepped on stage in those closing ceremonies and began singing “Ama Credi e Vai” (Because We Believe), and I simply could not believe my ears. I walked into my seventh grade class the next day, immediately went up to my musically knowledgeable friend and said “I heard the most amazing singer I’ve ever heard from some blind guy in the closing Olympics last night” My friend chuckled and said “You mean Andrea Bocelli? Ya man, he’s got like, a million Christmas albums.” Downplayed as it was, that magical Italian name never left my head. To this day his voice can spark imaginative daydreams similar to those a blossoming and curious teenager would have in his/her process of discovering the world.