Happy fourth, ya filthy animals. What better way to celebrate this country’s independence than by embracing the naturally rebellious tendencies of the American citizens? These young rebels hail from Chicago, Illinois and consist of twin brother Grant (bass) and Henry (drums) Brinner, cousins Mario Cuomo (vocals) and Dominic Corso (guitar), and Matt O-Keefe (guitar), all of which were close family friends before conglomerating into the turbulent group that is The Orwells. Their counter-culture anthem has not gone unnoticed since its release in 2014, being featured on such notable media outlets as The Late Show with David Letterman, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, Adam Devine’s House Party, and a nationally televised Apple commercial just to name a few.

This propaganda-ridden slideshow of subliminal messages is effective in its intention, mesmerizing audiences with images that have been hardwired into their brains from decades of schooling. It’s not until you realize the satirical natural of Mario Cuomo’s unruly lyrics that it becomes apparent you are being hypnotized into believing that we live in the eternally and objectively greatest country in the world. I’m not saying that attitude is generally defensible or supported on my part, but as I’ve said before, its fun to see a group of young agitators swaying against the grain for democracies sake.