And so begins another exciting week of live Songs Of The Day. As aforementioned in the last post showcasing “Thirteen” by Big Star as the Friday’s Song Of The Day, this will be the last week for the foreseeable future that there will be a Song Of The Day for each weekday. In each of the following weeks, Songs Of The Day will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday.

Enough with all that housekeeping mumbo jumbo. “Call Me” adds a soulful twist to the old Tommy Tutone “867-5309/Jenny” concept, while sprinkling in a touch of southern flavor. St. Paul and The Broken Bones have that impassioned spirit embedded deep within their bones, as the Birmingham, Alabama crew have only recently had to venture out of their hospitality-defined comfort zone with the unexpected success of their debut album.

Vocalist Paul Janeway may seem like a vivacious “type A” fun machine, but he nearly fell into a similarly monotonous lifestyle that the millions of people that now listen to him through their headphones currently live. In an interview with FaceCulture, Janeway stated that fame was not only unexpected, but not even considered in planning his future. In fact, as a graduate of the University of Alabama, this fiery frontman was few mere months away from beginning his career as an accountant. I was baffled when he said this, as I just can’t imagine that expressive singer sitting at desk crunching numbers into spreadsheets all day. He went on to mention that St. Paul and The Broken Bones’s debut album “Half the City” was more of an experiment than anything, and that its glowing international reception came out of nowhere for the unsigned project of a band. How a band with so much passion, so much talent, and so much genuine happiness could expect anything less from a studio album this lively and a live set this entertaining is beyond me.