I may be cutting down on the number of Songs of The Day per week after this week in order to learn guitar, but watching videos like this serve as a painfully realistic reminder that that process will not be easy. There’s easy to learn jams with beginner-level chord patterns like Wonderwall or Smoke On The Water that have become household names for their recognizable simplicity. Then there’s songs like “75 and Sunny” that lay in the shadows of the music world as scarcely heard, heartfelt ballads sung and played on a worn out living room couch with more talent that I can ever hope to possess. As a pupil of the process I just have to give a genuine nod of respect to unrecognized artists like Ryan Montbleau who wield more power in those six strings than the majority of artists you hear on the radio.

75 and Sunny’s witty tale defining reasons to celebrate maturity is especially applicable to recent post-grads such as myself trying to find solace growing old. With constant mindless excitement encompassed within life as a college student, the routine-based behavioral pattern that post grads fall into can lead to some unhealthy habits. Ryan Montbleau does well to identify some of those problems in an optimistic manner, explaining that reckless vices of a thoughtless young adult like binge drinking and smoking are simply temporary releases from reality. The defining quote and moral of his metaphor-ridden anecdote can be summarized by the enlightening line “You better believe I’m living for the moment but my moment is the whole damn thing.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.