This song brings about the same reoccurring scene, or at least personal déjà vu of that scene, every time it plays in my car. The person sitting in the passenger seat of my car is enjoying some tunes that they’ve largely never heard before while they’re expecting more of the same with a docket of upcoming songs that are just as much a mystery as they are a pleasant surprise (usually…). “Synthesizers” comes on and I can’t help but flash an immediate grin knowing that in a few seconds I’m going to get a confused chuckle and subsequent interjection from the person sitting next to me in regards to the upcoming lyrics. The song begins with the classic whiny lyrics “Everybody’s writing songs with synthesizers / But I don’t have a synthesizer” and as predicted, the person sitting next to me laughs, looks at me and says something along the lines of “What the hell is this?” I turn to him/her and quietly mumble the same response I have to just about any song’s interruption: “Just shut up and listen dude.”

How in the hell did Butch Walker And The Black Widows get Matthew McConaughey to star in their music video? I wish I knew, but I seriously could not tell you. Was it worth it for less than a million YouTube views? Probably not from a financial perspective. Profits aside, the modern reincarnation of David Wooderson seems to include some new wrinkles, similar amounts of creepiness to his past Dazed and Confused self, and a posse that casually carries a miniature piano that I simply must have (see 3:40). From the guy who learned ukulele assuming it would make the guitar a bit easier (still waiting to test that theory), I could really use a singular octave piano in my life to make the eventual process of learning the 88 key monster just a tad easier. I could whip out that show stopping little instrument as a party trick at the very least, because isn’t the entire point of instruments to show off to people you barely know? Oh, it’s not? Well the integrity of musical theory can wait, I’ve got some near-strangers to impress.