Need proof that you don’t need to sound like Stephen Tyler to rock your face off? Introducing PAPA, San Francisco’s indie-rock group that stand by the fact that there’s only so much pull in a vocalist’s ability to hit every octave. PAPA realize that rock n roll isn’t defined by the same boy band voices of pure pop flawlessness that many other genres consider an indispensable factor. Rock n roll remains a rebellious problem-child of a genre because of its head flailing, equipment smashing, and cathartic yelling tendencies that purposefully drive away the faint of heart. PAPA certainly cover their categorical bases of rock, especially in true homage to The Clash through their indescribable desire to break stage props. Doing it in a music video is one thing, but find a way to split a log with a flaming ax in the middle of a live song, and I will find a way to pay for those tickets.

Interestingly enough, this fast-paced collective of smiling faces met back when they were just 7 and 8 years old, forming a lifetime’s worth of musical chemistry. They drew inspiration for their name through drummer/vocalist Darren Weiss’s grandfather who was named “Papa” by his grandchildren. Considering my cousins and I referred to my grandfather by the same name, I respected the hell out of this band before I even listened to them. After popping my on my headphones and expecting some sort of big band Sinatra-esque song inspired from the hits our grandparents’ era, I was taken back by the indie magic that coursed through my ears. The simple key patterns and waning guitar were attractive enough, but the closing 40 seconds stole my heart. The up-tempo head-banging rift of pure goodness left me over-excited, wanting to get up and dance as hard as I could, or run as fast as I could, or just do anything to express the energy that this song sparked in my soul. Then, as quickly as my excitement started, it abruptly ceased, leaving me longing until the next time that I would have the opportunity to listen to “Put Me To Work” so that I could relive that energetic rock-based high.