“When was this song made, 1980?” No it wasn’t, every single listener. Despite sounding like a fun tune that both today’s youth and their parents could collectively sing along to, this epicenter of English pop peppiness was released 8 years ago in 2008, penetrating the English market with a surprise top 25 inclusion in the UK charts. “Two Doors Down” spans decades with its purposefully outdated themes, using a low-bit synthesizer and a dance hall BPM rate that’ll put any 50 year old’s entire body into a frenzy of motion that they would mistakenly consider “dancing”.

Just as “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts and “In The Street” by Big Star are recognizable theme’s in any household due to their widespread success as a 30 second intro to Friends and That 70’s Show respectively, so too could “Two Doors Down” be the perfect intro to a fun 80’s themed sitcom. The entire first verse coupled with the chorus is almost too quotable, often giving me the feeling that my life is secretly a Truman Show-esque exhibition of candid television where hidden cameras are sneakily catching me contributing the theme song to my own life’s TV show. That’s not to say I’m actually in love with the neighbors two doors down from me, because anti-social ole’ FeenyFresh frankly couldn’t tell you the names of the neighbors two doors down on either side of my house. Whatever their names may be, I’m going to keep belting out this tune to myself and imagining that they are the deviant drummer that Mystery Jets coerced me into believing is my soulmate.