Another day, another delightfully raw group of grungy 20-something year olds. “Rich Girls” takes a purposefully trashier 21st century approach to the equally titled Hall and Oates 80’s classic. Rather than relying on on the immaculate golden pipes of a pop legend like Daryl Hall, The Virgins place their trust within a casually dispersed approach. “Rich Girls” gains immediate momentum with a protruding bassline spaced out between tastefully short guitar inclusions. As the guitar’s pace quickens, lead singer Donald Cumming keeps things light with a voice that often times sounds like he’s directly talking to a specific wealthy female rather than singing to some relatably figurative woman.

What I can’t get over is the fact that Donald Cumming sounds like a English commoner, yet is supposedly born and raised in New York. I suppose the complaints of stuck up, yuppie rich girls are much more widely relatable in the heart of the Big Apple than on the streets of London, but his accent is almost undeniable in my opinion. Yet even after discarding his vocal traits, Cumming’s clumped and sweaty hair, cigarette that seems eternally stuck between his fingers, and shirt that no one seems to care is ripped all scream deviant Brit to me. Sadly, Cumming’s disagreements regarding interpersonal relationships didn’t stop at the written word, as the band is currently on hiatus after splitting up back in November of 2013.