As I nonchalantly go about my Tuesday with one day remaining until my birthday, it’s uncomfortably awkward how unexcited I am. There’s just nothing stirring about turning 23. I’ve been able to drink alcohol for years (depressingly plural), my friends are all living too far away to celebrate with me, and worst of all, there’s no relatably peppy pop songs where stars like Taylor Swift speak to my developing soul about “feeling 23”. Hell, the only song mentioning life at age 23 that even comes to mind is Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again” where Mark Hoppus proudly exclaims “nobody likes you when you’re 23”. So what’s there to look forward to with each passing birthday, you ask?

I’m not one for binding resolutions, but Matt Corby may be onto something here. I also may not be as hapless and trouble-ridden as Corby proclaims to be when describing his justifications for personal change, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relieve myself of my few remaining and lingering vices. In fairness, I don’t know that many of Corby’s troubles are anything but first world issues and self-inflicted problems. He first gained fame on Australian Idol by finishing as the runner up in 2007 at age 16, yet he explained to an Australian news source that participating int he contest in the first place was a “big f**king mistake”. He took all the music that first record and completely scrapped the entire album, claiming the entire process to be fake and that he “hated it more than he liked it”. I may not live the life of a tortured former reality star, but damn, I’d trade my problems for his in a heartbeat! Regardless, his message holds true that waiting around and repeating the word “someday” will only lead you to dig a deeper rut, whereas turning that “someday” into a “today” will make each passing year’s goals far more achievable. That message may be a bit sappy for this early in the week, but with an other-worldly vocalist like Matt Corby behind the mic, I’ll adamantly support just about any positive message that the guy has to offer.