Enter stage left the 23 year old Florida native JMR, or Joshua Michael Robinson, who moves like someone physically possessed by sentimental demons, yet hits a divine alto like a more emotionally disturbed Justin Timberlake. The young artist has had young inspirations guiding his way, with soulful artists like Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, and Radiohead culminating in his cranial cauldron to create a sound that’s intimate, introspective, and pressed into the backbone of an acoustic backdrop.

“Pioneer Of Your Heart” initially tricks listeners into believing that they are about to hear just another stirring acoustic ballad. JMR drags people down to earth after advancing through a bizarre opening verse then drops gloomy bass around 40 seconds in to prove a point the he is about to go down a dark path. The remaining verses go on to explain the immense stress and anguish that a mentally troubled and often bipolar couple have caused each other, leaving identifiable and easily recognizable signs in the wake of day to day life. On top of that, though I may tend to acknowledge interesting intros on a generally frequent basis, this outro cuts deep into the purity of JMR’s message. The bass sinks beneath the skin, not in an obnoxious way like many of the past decade’s overbearing electronic tracks, but in a way that resembles pressing headphones against one’s head and feeling the waves of sound course through your body.