I think we all can agree that we’ve had some nice B-side weather lately. Cruising down streets that look like moving paintings, searching for music to pose as more of a thought-provoking forbearance of a backdrop than a clamorous and overplayed singalong. More often than not the perfect soundtrack for that environment turns out to be those simple aforementioned B-sides, as their underdeveloped themes and chord progressions don’t beckon for the same occasionally unnecessary attention that the rest of one’s musical library may often get.

Streetlight Manifesto represent an incomparable niche as legends within the genre of ska music, although many would argue that that particular niche and genre combination discredits them from being legends at all. Mainstream fame isn’t all that important when you have a cult following, especially considering Streetlight Manifesto are “that band” that tours in the same spots year after year and continues selling out shows attended by the most of the same people as the year before. Such a following is incredibly necessary to make a living as a band that plays with up to 8 band members at a time (singer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, trumpeter, trombonist, and two saxophonists), as they otherwise wouldn’t be able to support each member of the band in an equitable and sustainable fashion. Think some of those members are extraneous? Wait and listen for the plethora of solos in “Kristina She Don’t Know I Exist” and you’ll be sure change your mind given that legitimately every instrument other than the drums has it’s own solo. That’s the type of togetherness that make’s this time of year so comforting!