Don’t ask how many songs utilize Halloween as a surprising central theme, because I truthfully don’t have the time to list all of them out. “Leaves in the River” is just another one of those “spooky” (but not really) ballads, telling a mellow story of two young wanderers finding each other in the midst of an emotionally exhausting night. Sea Wolf’s Alex Brown Church presents the acoustic scene in a similar fashion to a lullaby, telling a unique night-concluding story that could be an easy song to fall asleep to as the last hope-inspiring song of the night. Fitting too that an extended soundbite of of rain be sampled after a holiday weekend filled with 100% chance of precipitation nationwide, similarly coinciding with the strangely captivating solemness that surrounded this goofy holiday.

Not all love songs have to sound like they were written by Nicholas Sparks, do they? Dark in tone but light in purpose, “Leaves in the River” asserts a dialogue that warms the heart with an oddly gloomy and depressing message. Misery loves company I suppose, and that expression holds especially true with a couple of downcast hipsters that meet at a costume-inspired misshapes party.