Disbelief, hostility, disgust, hatred…is it not cringe-worthy that we’ve become numb to these terms over the past few days? The cynicism of some in contention with the ignorantly assertive boastfulness of others has polarized what many would consider to be the greatest country on the planet. Friendships and family bonds are being broken at the thought of an uncertain future, but therein lies the ironic problem: half the country’s depressive mindsets stem from something as simple and vague as the unknown. In a reflective sense, one person causing such an exponential shift in attitude based surface level ambivalence is nothing short of detestable for the people woefully basking in their own sorrow. As one would imagine, I had a vast stockpile of political protest songs that I could have chosen to represent today’s Song Of The Day, but wallowing in what’s wrong with this country isn’t a message I’d feel comfortable pushing. Instead, I felt that this mini celebration of what makes America great now (not again) would be a reason to smile in a sea of temporary frowns.

For all those millennials out there, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is indeed the same HelloGoodbye you remember from middle/high school. How could you forget that awkwardly electronic, uncoordinated preteen/teenage dance song “Here (In Your Arms)“. Brush off the memories of those graceless adolescent years, because HelloGoodbye’s Forrest Kline is still producing music in what seems like an attempt to try to prove himself as a reborn solo act. Educational and mildly childish as this PBS-sponsored song may be, it’s undeniably catchy and captures the bite-sized essence of what makes every one of America’s puzzle pieces special. No need to generalize which ones are “red” or “blue” when the land as a collective is beautiful and free.