Have you been taking diligent notes, class? Hmm, I didn’t think so…I think it’s time for a pop-quiz! Oh quit your groaning, you brought this upon yourselves.

Alright, question 1: what was the introductory song on my very first “Best of” quarterly playlist of 2016? (queue the final jeopardy song)

Time’s up! Congratulations to all zero of you that answered “Someone That Loves You” by HONNE & Izzy Bizu! Okay fine, I won’t count the quiz this time around, but you’d best be prepared for the next time I surprise you like that.

It’s peculiar to me how outdated and bland the term “remix” has become in the music industry. With the boom of house, dubstep, and general electronic genres in the late millennium, you’d be hard pressed to find a prevalent song that escapes the grasp of that worn out suffix “remix”. Oddly enough, without even listening this variation of “Someone That Loves You”, I’m thoroughly intrigued. Removing that banal term “remix” and using this new alternate label is refreshing, and in the end it flawlessly sums up what defines a late night song. The lyrics are the same as the original, yet they are presented in a slightly rawer fashion. The notes resemble the first version, yet they are wrapped in a comforting coat of ambient keys. No percussion interrupts your naturally slowing heart rate, no synthesized bass forces its way into the conversation as it would in a typical remix, and everything seems right with the world just before a calming night sleep.