Another Burberry Acoustic artist is afoot. Considering their prominent market presence in the fashion industry, Burberry’s successful extension to include detailed artist profiles, modeling contracts, and live sets from stylish musical acts has been a delightfully consumable treat. Not only do these chic talents cross over several boundaries of normally separate target markets, but they give budding British musicians an honest chance at making a name for themselves. L.A. Salami’s rise to prominence came out of that same dapper corporate funnel, as Burberry discovered the young 25 year old as an opener when the young man when bouncing from house to house on a month by month basis like a red-coated vagabond.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that his name sounds like a bizarre satirical pseudonym that no one will ever understand. L.A. Salami is simply a shortened version of his real name, Lookman Adekunle Salami. As a keen intellectual, Salami understands the presumptive nature of the casual listener, as he joked to an English reporter who brought up the common misconception, saying, “If I was going to make up a name, why would I choose that? I had to grow up with it…kids can be cruel.”

Keep an out out for L.A. Salami’s full-length album “Dancing with Bad Grammar: The Director’s Cut”, which is another front-runner for one of my favorite albums of 2016. The album came to my attention after NPR’s Bob Boilen listed it as one of his favorite albums of the year. NPR is a common source of information or entertainment that most people are familiar with, but many people may question “Who is Bob Boilen?” Well friends, Bob Boilen is the host and the creator of NPR’s online music show All Songs Considered, while also being the creator of one of my favorite virtual concert series, the Tiny Desk Concert. If you’ve never heard of or explored a Tiny Desk Concert I couldn’t recommend it more. Boilen actually brings artists in and has them play concerts for the NPR office at his literal desk. The Tiny Desk Concerts are incredibly crammed for space and personal to the point of intense connection with whatever emotion that the particular artist is a master at forwarding. Apologies for the slight digression, it’s just hard not to respect Mr. Boilen’s esteemed position on the subject. L.A. Salami has not yet performed in a Tiny Desk concert, though I expect he will do so soon considering how much praise Boilen has given him.