Oh how I so desperately wanted to add this gem to my esteemed new-age Christmas playlist. Frequent readers/listeners may be asking: “What held you back, FeenyFresh? I’ve never heard the song, I’ve never heard of the band, and it’s named after the holly jolly holiday…aren’t those the only stipulations for a FeenyFresh Christmas?” Although all of those comments may be true, the only thing in this song that’s even mildly related to Christmas is an individual sentence lazily mentioning it’s namesake in passing. Sounds like the seasonal methodology of a 21st century group with no inclination to mingle with relatives, take Christmas pictures (see album cover), or even leave their house on Christmas day.

This effortless folky ballad still does its best to exude common wintertime sensations through subconscious sentiment. Nostalgic scenes race through my mind as one minute my family is driving through the snow to my grandparents’ house, then the next minute I’m snowed in and making a shameless indent in the couch after sitting in the same spot all day. Indolent as the vibe may be, the English duo of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor still disarm the audience’s inhibitions with their inherent charm, mangy setup and cute punchlines. They don’t seem to care much about Christmas in its essence, but are more concerned with the comradery that builds when they are with each other during this lethargic time of year. Construed and frustratingly modern as that may be for some, isn’t that togetherness at least partially what this holiday is all about about?