I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stand idly by as hundreds of wonderful, innocent songs were thrown to the wayside by my rankings within the recent post “FeenyFavs – Top 100 Songs of 2016“. I felt far too selfish holding so many songs back. There simply needed to be more.

With that intrinsic need to share in mind, I decided to extend my original ranking of the top 100 songs of 2016 to include the next 100 songs that barely missed the cut. Call me a 21st century conformist all you want for playing into the whole “everybody gets a trophy” mindset, but in reality there were hundreds of additional songs from 2016 that unfortunately will have to wait their turn for any sort of face time on my blog.

For those songs that were lucky enough to be listed on this white ribbon of a playlist, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, this list of honorable mentions is comparable to a massive collection of B-sides on the “Greatest Hits” record of 2016’s FeenyFavs. With this list extension, my quirkier biases come out of the woodwork and a slew of songs with virtually no public exposure get a chance to show their faces to an unsuspecting world. An open mind and willingness to explore is key to enjoying the songs ranked from 101 to 200, and as always, any feedback is highly encouraged!

For those that haven’t perused the musical excitement that has filled the past few weeks, be sure to check out the two previous posts “FeenyFavs – Top 100 Songs of 2016” and “FeenyFavs – Top 10 Albums of 2016“. Remember to like, comment, and share if you enjoy what you’re listening to, and be sure to subscribe to the blog for frequent posts on the latest and greatest tunes I come across in my incessant music search. As was the case with the previous set of rankings, the entire list can also be found in order on this Spotify playlist, but keep in mind that shuffling may provide a completely different experience than listening linearly. Also, for ranking purposes, please note that adding 100 to song’s corresponding number in the playlist will give you the proper ranking in the grand scheme of 2016 (i.e. “Set Me On Fire” by Fancy Cars is ranked #101 overall, “Equal Powers” by Violents  is ranked #102 overall, and so on).


There’s only one presumed piece left in the 2016 review puzzle. The upcoming “Top 10 music videos of 2016” post will leave you with satisfying visual closure after the barrage of audio enjoyment that has swamped the last few weeks. Stay tuned!