Several coincidentally successive comments have been made lately by friends and followers about the weekly college radio show I used to host, “The Chillin’ With Feeny Show”. I tried my best to hide my glowing affinity for my collegiate venture after one mention, but as individual flashbacks stacked up I couldn’t help but diving back into some old content that I used to push to my student body and fringe supporters. After plunging into my pool of a hard drive, I was reminded in bittersweet optimism that my best attempts at insightful commentary may be lost in the hinterlands of forgone live streams, but there’s still plenty of musical gold scattered throughout the bottom of the proverbial watering hole.

This particular playlist has a soft spot in my nostalgic heart, as it represents the enthusiasm I received from my few unexpectedly dedicated followers. The show’s online stream garnered a mere few dozen listeners a week in the early stages of my musical extroversion, but a handful of those party-goers had a serious appreciation for the material I was promoting every week. One week towards the end of my multi-year tenure I ran into a scheduling conflict that forced me to cancel the show, and those same followers responsively threw what I’d affectionately call a justified hissy-fit. In response, I decided to throw together a last minute collection of songs that I might not have typically played during my show due to their unavailability through streaming sites or their confliction with my show’s brand. The feedback I got in the following weeks, and even months, was phenomenal. Hundreds of streaming plays accumulated in no-time as followers got their “Chillin’ With Feeny Show” fix whenever they pleased. Looking back, the playlist represents the exciting spirit that my followers gave me to fuel my inspiration and continue organizing and hosting the show for 3 years straight.

The playlist is set up as a series of YouTube videos because several of the songs aren’t available through standard music streaming sites like Spotify. You can either press play at the beginning of the first song and let the entire 29 song playlist play through, or you can right click on the YouTube video, copy the URL link, and paste it in a new browser tab to be able to view every song in the playlist while listening to an individual song.