Chances are if you’re a frequent Facebook peruser, a YouTube savant, or just a general social media superstar, you’ve likely crossed paths with the multi-talented Canadian five-some Walk Off The Earth. The Burlington, Ontario natives have garnered one of the most reputable fortes of cover songs of any North American band during the past five years. They’ve found amazing success not only through covering pop’s most relevant idols, but by doing so while using artfully crafted knick-knacks, common household items, and down-scaled hand made instruments. Whether they’re on their living room couch playing their interpretation of the latest Ed Sheeran hit or strolling around a staged room with choreographed movements guided by a director (as is the case with “Little Boxes”), Walk Off The Earth love to promote the mindset that everything is an instrument if you foster a collaborative sense of togetherness.

The earthy-crunchy lifestyle that Walk Off The Earth embodies is nice and all, but the premise of “Little Boxes” is nothing short of a kick in the groin to any and all college graduates and general desk jobbers (aka myself, and probably you too). The song pokes fun at the cookie-cutter American family that guides children through an endless loop of travel down the beaten path followed by further stereotyped family raising, all the while establishing a childish feeling with a slow progressive lullaby. Again, their points are incredibly valid until you realize “wait…that kind of sounds like my life…”