Bands get covered or impersonated in songwriting all the time, but I’ve never heard an imitation executed quite like this. The song’s accreditation says it’s by Treetop Flyers, but I struggle to believe that. There’s just no way this isn’t America. No, I’m not talking about the land of the free and the home of the brave…I’m talking about the Ventura Highway driving, nameless horse riding, golden-haired female gawking legends of folk rock. Treetop Flyers are a carbon copy of the 1970’s British-American powerhouse, casually wielding the power to trick most subject matter experts into thinking that “Things Will Change” was an early B-side that somehow sifted through their normally careful hands.

All the pieces are there. The distinctively identical lead singer, the uncomplicated drum pattern, the meticulously developed harmonies, and the mindset that “our world will be better one day, but in the meantime let’s roll another” all parallel America’s patented formula to a tee. Their 2013 debut album The Mountain Moves adheres to this same formula, but none of the accompanying tracks function with the same industrial-grade efficiency or sexy charisma “Things Will Change”. Treetop Flyers may be scrutinized for their serial mimicry, but nailing an impression this well is tough not to applaud, at least on an individual track basis.