Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and embrace the endearing companionship that is Matrimony’s cozy folk rock. The Charlotte, North Carolinians communal hymns of affection are as close to country as folk gets without stepping over the well-defined boundary, as their crowd-centric drawl is fiercely twangy and undoubtedly designed for open air venues. Whether that be at a festival or in the middle of a public park, their voices echo a unified boom that wouldn’t resonate as well in an intimate setting. That need for space also constitutes a need for a sizable assembly of fans, thus naturally thrusting Matrimony into pseudo-fame in order to compensate for their necessarily aggregate singing contributions. Even in their humblebrags strewn throughout the music video for “See The Light”, Matrimony emphasize the nationwide viewership’s invaluable contribution to making a breakout tour everything that it’s imagined to be.

As heartwarming as “See The Light” may be, it’s intentions are pessimistic in concept. The audience listens hopelessly as a fatigued protagonist tries and tries again to salvage a future out of a someone who refuses to take a step forward towards potential prosperity. Living in the moment can certainly be a good thing, but eliminating others from impending plans is not something to be proud of. That lyrical cynicism however, is the exact reason why this music video is so powerful. The band’s progression and the crowd’s joyous energy responds to the “See The Light’s” obsessive need to preserve their otherwise decaying minds, hence the line “I keep on my way / keep on walking my way / so I don’t start losing my mind”. We’re here for them, they’re here for us, and we both keep each other sane one song at a time.