The thankless role of producer often gets ridiculed as “something that anyone could do” from nonparticipants and “unnatural” from traditionalists. It’s songs like “Shy” however, that prop up several pertinent arguments against those statements. London producer Brijs approaches the song’s construction with a time-honored acknowledgement of instrumental advancement, strewing subconsciously captivating bass lines and guitar riffs amidst perpetual electronic hooks. His fondness for vocal collaboration pays testament to expressive naturalism, as Dandelion’s inclusion offers a smooth, glossy coating to Brijs’ choppy beats.

Despite being a fun, fluttery electro-pop jam, “Shy” ironically lives up to it’s unsociable namesake. It reflects the friendly passivity found at the core of most introverts with a buoyant progression similar to an isolated musician happily plucking away at their guitar alone in peaceful park. The listener isn’t granted too much gentle comfort following the drifting waviness found in the opening minute. Dandelion’s single sentence chorus chimes in as the introvert’s temporary breaking point from their mental chamber, as she calmly states she’s  “Never too shy to shy away from you.” Brijs then counteracts his bouncy tempo by revealing an 8-bit pulsation of a post-chorus rhythm that speaks to the more sporadic emotional releases displayed in normally introspective wallflowers.