You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some would call it a sin however, to say it’s not all about the food. That’s quite alright for Seth Sentry, who understands his taste buds are going to take a hit for the woman he so aimlessly loves. Sentry separates himself from social commonality in “The Waitress Song” by ignoring his primal need for legitimate nourishment in order to indulge in that fantasized love interest. He accepts pure fecklessness as he basks in the actuality that the only way keep his illusory “relationship” in tact is to buy meals from a generally impersonal waitress. Throw in a thick Australian accent and the goofy refrain “This relationship is built on breakfast” and you have yourself a little head-bobbing piece of enjoyment that you can laugh along to as well.

Don’t let the poor acting and substandard videography distract you from the fact “The Waitress Song” is an instrumental remedy. The boom-bap percussion stabilizes a slowly fluttering piano while the backing bass gives the song a bit of upbeat character within a frankly bleak scenario. As funny as they seem, the desirous lyrics take the pressure off the listener to chase their personal dream girl/boy for bit and instead allow the love-struck optimist to savor the conceptual glory of an imperfect platonic pursuit.