Los Angeles has always had a mythical energy within the entertainment community. The potential artistic ceiling is a heavenly haze for aspiring artists shooting for the moon. Those who miss the moon however, will often miss the stars as well, landing hard on an unforgiving floor of failure from which most struggle to arise. Newly dubbed solo artist Scott Hutchison, who many know as Owl John, experienced that storied spectrum of potential fame as an immigrant shaking in his anticipatory boots.

The former frontman of British rock band Frightened Rabbit sheds his thick skin by embracing the alias of Owl John. Under his new solo identity, he reveals with a lowered guard that his transition to a city renowned for sucking hope out of the most promising young artists is frightening him to death. His status as an immigrant, the uncountable amount of cars and people thoughtlessly zipping past him, and the tempting presence of alcohol all isolate Hutchison to a state of plea as he vulnerably asks for Los Angeles to treat him well and be kind. Hutchison retains his lovably thick Scottish accent just as he did with Frightened Rabbit, all while admitting to relatable insecurity within his individualistic power struggle. He timidly feels has the tools to “make it big” just as many other artists do, but together he says they, “Waltz unseen behind Hollywood’s ballroom doors.” As Hutchison found out the hard way, there just isn’t enough space in the big city for every aspiring musician.