Its no secret that PHONY PPL have trust issues. Based on their name alone, the Brooklyn squad palpably resents interaction with most people outside of their tight knit musical clique. Simply put, the group’s interpersonal issues leave a giant hole that most humans can’t fill. Luckily for them, the moon is a great void-filler. That large rock in the sky is the only reliable source left for them to fall back on after enduring a number of relationship failures and after crossing paths with a continuous stream of untrustworthy women. In PHONY PPL’s smooth, straightforward lingo, “That’s why I love the moon, because it’s always there for me.”

New York’s urban vitality is on full display in “Why iii Love The Moon’s” lively music video. PHONY PPL spoke with Fader about the group’s lively personalities in their colorful video, sharing that, “We wanted to open up and share our world in Brooklyn, a side of Brooklyn that’s hidden beneath what meets the eye.” Unfortunately, their 2016 jazz/funk album Yesterday’s Tomorrow stayed hidden from societal view for most of the year as well, only being acknowledged in recent months by publications like Rolling Stone as one of the Greatest Albums You Didn’t Hear In 2016. Just because they hit their stride late doesn’t mean they aren’t still in the race, right?