The city of angels isn’t as heavenly as it may sound. If the recent post “SOTD – Los Angeles Be Kind by Owl John” didn’t emphasize it enough, L.A.’s character has the allure to reel in the brightest young musical talents, yet also possesses the hard-handedness to strike those talents down in their hopeful tracks. Unlike Owl John’s timid immigration into Los Angeles, “Goodbye L.A.” explains Blah Blah Blah’s depressing emigration from the city that heartlessly kicked their endeavors to the curb. Their long term aspirations still persist in their trek to the more merciful city of Chicago, but they can’t help but look in the rear-view mirror as they depart from their once-admired city. Almost like moving on from an abhorred ex-girlfriend, Blah Blah Blah make a point to direct one last denouncing zinger towards their former city when they cap the ballad by repeating the resentful line “No you wont stop me now.”

Hints of both Michael Bublé and The Smith’s Morrissey emerge from Blah Blah Blah’s lead singer Solomon David Ross, whose deep, slow, and forceful voice combines a dark vocal arrangement and an endearing 50’s-esque swing style. The self-proclaimed “Pioneers of Ballroom Rock” are scientifically designed to perform for a room full of 3 piece suits and opulent dresses that collectively demand a top-class performance in an unorthodox fashion. Their expression doesn’t require much physical energy, but rather provokes an inquisitive attentiveness among a crowd that becomes increasingly curious with each gripping second. So tighten up your bow tie and button that top button, because we’re about to get fashionably emotional.