Nerd romance doesn’t materialize the same way standard romance does. There are rarely any smooth-talking Romeos, muscle-flexing Prince Charmings, or sharp-dressed Casanovas to spark up a storybook ending. Instead, nerd romance emerges out of lovable awkwardness. Will Joseph Cook’s “Take Me Dancing” welcomes all the peculiarities of strange young love, emphasizing quirky admiration tactics like symbolically smashing a bourgeois toasting glass, singing in goofy accents, and whimsically falling into a recycling bin all to please a woman in an unruly mating ritual. Despite straying from commonality, at least one universal threshold of desire still remains: the duo has an insatiable desire to dance with each other, of course.

Considering his brief 20 years on this earth, Will Joseph Cook has an abundant and diversified repertoire of production skills. “Take Me Dancing” not only showcases Cook’s baiting ability to hook audiences with idiosyncratic indie-pop choruses, but it also displays his assorted basket of cultural and categorical influences. The song’s African-based woodwinds and unusual love story between the fictional characters of Julian and Emily reflect shades of generation-defining beatniks like Vampire Weekend and The Talking Heads. His recent big break with Atlantic Records comes as a reflection of his fashionably bohemian style, subsequently earning him spots at indie festivals like SXSW and Glastonbury over the last couple years. Be sure to check out Cook in all his left-field glory in his debut 2017 album Sweet Dreamer.