The cliched question “how far would you go for the one you love” can get out of control much quicker than you think. Take the classic scene from the 1946 film “It’s A Wonderful Life” when George Bailey questioned “What is it you want Mary? Do you want the moon?” That hyperbolic attitude is the same far-fetched imagery adopted by Australia’s Sons Of The East in their love-inflated tale “Into The Sun.” As tacky as their imaginary journey to the sun seems, associating the song’s object of affection to the ultimate source of light goes beyond the concept of admiring otherworldly beauty. In fact, the song does little more than hedge their own imaginative bets to result in a state of overblown hopefulness.

“Into The Sun” borderlines tragedy as listeners witness swollen dedication being paired with inescapable doubt. As much as Sons Of The East want to believe that the fractured bond can be revived, the possibility of ultimate failure continues to fade in and out of their weary conscience. At the same time, their effortless, unplugged appeal gives their fatigued hope easy to route for. Somehow they turn depressingly doubtful lines like “I’ll see you soon, or do we move on” into warm-hearted charm through soft keys, slow guitars, and encouraging harmonies. Call it unhealthy, but reliving fond memories in a affectionate way is the only choice this group has left.