I don’t care how old you get, lullabies should never be considered childish. Zoology’s new single “100°” takes the concept of a dreamy berceuse and wraps it in a Millennial’s anxiety-ridden pursuits of affection. Canadian duo Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz detailed the inspiration behind their new single when they explained, “100° is about someone who’s almost out of reach, but you’re all for the chase. Our aim with the production is to make you feel what it’s like to be dangerously in love, intense and sometimes overwhelming.”

“100°” may be lyrically intense in concept, but the translation from theory to materialized operation is anything but overwhelming. The hypnotic synchronization between Krueger and Diakowicz acts like two arms controlled by an individual mechanized brain. Even when the two explore tangents of improvisation, they still seem to ravel around each other like two pieces of complementary vine making up a single rope. The ying and yang of their coordinated harmony accentuates their budding rapport and provides a live experience that’s just as mesmerizing to watch as it is to hear. The friendly and inventive accord found in “100°” is set to multiply with Zoology’s debut EP Bloom, premiering in January of 2018.