You’ve probably said it at least once in the past month. “I miss summertime” might as well be December’s unofficial catchphrase. In this trying time of bulky parkas, frozen toes, and 4pm sunsets, virtual reminders of summer’s warmth are beyond necessary. San Diego rock band Chon, Virginian singer/saxophonist Masego, and Washington producer Lophiile teamed up earlier this year for a love-drenched ode to warm weather that practically rips the sun up from the eastern horizon. On top of the song’s dazed interest in seasonal infatuation, its figurative success lies within the group’s eclectically-sourced persistence, as Chon described to The Fader,”It’s the type of thing that happens when three unique artists work on something they all believe in.”

Although Masego and Lophiile stamp a distinctly familiar mark on “Nayhoo,” Chon is virtually unrecognizable from their characteristic prog rock mantra. Instead, “Nayhoo” predominantly follows suit to Masego’s self-proclaimed “TrapHouseJazz” style. Its wavy instrumentals, heavy production, and Jamie Foxx-esque R&B vocals creates a bass-y mystification that will put listeners right back into the heart of July. Even the song’s Gibberish-sounding title has a feel-good meaning, as “Nayhoo” was a nonsensical bellow of ecstasy frequently used by numerous 90’s R&B bands like Usher, Boys II Men, and All-4-One.