I don’t care what your overly protective mother taught you, not everyone gets a trophy ’round these parts. Don’t let a noninclusive mindset stop you from appreciating the songs that didn’t make the cut in my post “FeenyFaves – Top 100 Songs of 2017.” After all, as many hipsters and musical traditionalists alike would argue, it’s the B-sides that make a collection truly special.

Keep in mind that the same approach used in listening to most B-sides is needed to truly appreciate this playlist. These songs do not all burst from the seems with intrinsic likability in the same fashion as the original top 100. Many of them are quirkier, more resourceful, and even more imaginative, but that could get overlooked if you’re expecting the year’s top pop songs to flow through you headphones. Keep an open mind and embrace the inventive originality that each song has to offer and you’re resulting enjoyment levels and knowledge share will skyrocket.

Just like the original Top 100 playlist, this Spotify playlist is not meant to be shuffled if you want to listen to list in order of opinionated preference. Also, for ranking purposes, please note that adding 100 to song’s corresponding number in the playlist will give you the proper ranking in the grand scheme of 2017 (i.e. “Aeronaut” by Billy Corgan is ranked #101 overall, “From Golden Stars Comes Silver Dew” by Mr. Jukes is ranked #102 overall, and so on).