After a full year of rigorous musical data mining, 2017’s first overlooked gem has revealed itself. German pop star Kim Petras’ debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” gleams with top 40 prowess despite having flown miles over American heads. It’s spoon-fed opulence flashes a ritzy pink showiness in the listeners face and screams “I’m spoiled and I’m proud.” In a world filled with dignified over-indulgence, Petras has taken the ostentatious #firstworldproblems movement and put it in front of irresistibly fun/loud synths.

So how did we all miss this little bit of bubblegum gold? Petras has realistically always been in the German spotlight, as her markedly young gender reassignment surgery at age 16 left her in uncharted social territory that many media sources and record labels were hesitant to jump on. Her true difficulties however, have been in her collaborations.. Petras’ slew of overwhelmingly dance-centric 2017 singles were produced by DJ Luke, the man infamously known for binding Kesha in an impossibly cruel contract dispute for the past 7 years. That poor decision left Petras shunned by many listeners, media outlets, and labels alike who were not willing to support a girl collaborating with a renowned misogynist. In reality, “I don’t want it at all” should have been Petras’ first words to DJ Luke when he approached her about a collaboration.