For those who know Shiny Toy Guns, “Fading Listening” is a little more than a stone’s throw from their typical mantra. The LA disco rock group pulls a U-turn from their eyeliner-caked rebelliousness to offer the slow, fantasized suggestion that closing your eyes can actually bring you closer to your dreams. With music as the key to their lucid trance, each note further dissolves reality’s shortcomings and objectifies the protagonists’ counterpart into improbable existence. When the dream approaches realization however, the central character’s sensibility kicks and they “freak out,” thus losing everything they had built up within their harmonic imagination.

Equally as engaging is Shiny Toy Guns’ decision to recreate their childhood selves in “Fading Listening’s” music video. Each youthful representation not only looks like their adult counterpart, but emanates a wide-eyed youthful animation that still exists in each member today. The cutest inclusion, you ask? The cast coincidentally includes guitarist Chad Petree’s eight-year-old daughter Ally to play the role of singer Carah Faye.