When your best isn’t good enough, the mental anguish can be tough. When someone else fills in the affectionate gaps that your love fails to satisfy however, the conscious torment can become unbearable. PREP’s 2016 single “Who’s Got You Singing Again” explores the agony associated with watching your loved one slip though your fingers, as well as the misery of that loved one’s passion sparking in the fodder of someone else’s fire. But don’t be fooled by the torturous topic – “Who’s Got You Singing Again” is as musically fun as it is lyrically painful. Rolling Stone  coined the London group’s odd mix of sounds with the bold statement “Buy a boat and learn how to make a good piña colada before slipping into this butter-smooth yacht-pop from some very slick British dudes.”

The jazzy/disco-inspired backing, mysterious cinematic soundbites, bridging flute solo, and wide-ranged soul vocalist in “Who’s’ Got You Singing Again” leaves the audience wondering – where in the world does that liberal sourcing of styles come from? The answer, in short, is essentially all over the map. The motley crew consists of a hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ, and a singer/songwriter, all of whom merge eclectic sounds into sonic, generation-spanning music. No matter how distant their song topics range, PREP’s loose, free-flowing instrumentals and diverse influences combine to send listeners’ floating on an animated journey of mental luminosity.