After the release of this year’s critically acclaimed singles “‘Til It’s Over” and “Bubblin” Anderson .Paak is sitting on top of the world. The expectations leading up to the Californian’s third studio album are enormous, and he seems confident as hell to meet the widespread anticipation. Before .Paak’s breakout album Malibu made him a household name in 2016 however, he was still the publicly self-assured star his fans have come to love. While on the brink of superstardom during that same year, .Paak teamed up with legendary producer Knxwledge to to form the group NxWorries and produce one of 2016’s most underrated albums Yes Lawd!

.Paak’s collaboration with Knxwledge was a sensible and symbiotic as a partnership could be. Knxwledge’s idolized production skills made him a post-millennial icon worshiped by underground disciples and hip hop admirers alike. Anderson .Paak’s foreign approach to infusing electronics into soul music (and not the other way around) made his sound extraordinarily uncommon and progressive, especially in the eyes of the era’s genre-crossing musical libertines. Put those two artists together on songs like “Scared Money,” and you have yourself a creative sandwich the likes of which listeners can’t wait to take a bite from.