Some people can’t help being attracted to those they hate. It’s like the heart and mind are two distinct magnets constantly pulling against each other in an unsolvable display of pure primal instinct. “I Can’t Control Myself” shows that Strange Names’ have fully succumb to the push and pull of a that personal tug of war, as their love/hate relationship beams through their curiously smiling faces to say “I’m not sure why I keep doing this.” Similar to R. Kelly’s classic line that “My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes”, Strange Names’ irresistible attraction to a special someone is met time and time again with mental antagonism. The group is completely aware of the potentially negative consequences too – the final verse reveals their acceptance of conceivable failure as they indifferently admit “If the birds and the bees get violent, then I’ll just scold myself.”

“I Can’t Control Myself”, and all of Strange Names 2015 debut album Use Your Time Wisely for that matter, brings back the disco-rich culture of 80’s pop-rock without forcing a dated message. There’s nothing passé about the spirited synths and bass-slapping funkiness encouraging informal dance among the audience. While the anxiety-ridden topic may seem strenuous, lead singer Liam Benzvi’s conversational vocal style adds a level of comforting realism to his lyrical squabble. Overall, the song and accompanying video and retro and fun, but don’t take themselves to seriously. They focus on going with the flow, even if the flow is an adventurously bumpy ride.