We’re all love song addicts at heart. Pop stars and indie no-ones alike continually preach cyclical concepts of star-stricken endearment, and we’d all be lying if we said we were sick of it. Natalie Prass has no inhibitions with jumping on that same thematic bandwagon, using “Short Court Style” to celebrate a frankly hackneyed “true love” concept in as fun a fashion as anyone could. The song’s origin story however, is much more unconcerned than the rest of her recent fatalistic work.

Natalie Prass had her entire sophomore album virtually complete by the end of 2016, but she decided to completely trash it after the socially controversial presidential election. Prass went crusading back through the studio to create a much more politically-focused track list for her eventual 2018 album The Future And The Past, but she left one track from the original album as a control in her social justice experiment. “Short Court Style” represents Prass’s residual and carefree amusement prior to the election in an effort to increase the recreational levity within a track list that mostly serves as a perturbed reaction. As modern as the rest of the album may be, “Short Court Style” displays obvious influences from 60’s bass-driven party anthems, garnering a celebratory attitude that most would consider downright groovy.