Prague’s dné is the instrumental embodiment of the cliche phrase “actions speak louder than words”. Although one would expect a classically trained pianist like dné to define his actions through a wordless flutter along the grand piano, that is not entirely the case. The side-by-side keyboard progression is certainly stunning, but the real differentiator with dné is his clinically executed sample inclusions. On his track “Asos Model Crush” for example, the familiar introduction of a calming thunderstorm paired with the confluence of vaguely real yet indistinct objects suggests a subconscious authenticity as if to host the soundtrack to a rainy, inquisitive day.

dné’s debut album These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere captures similarly unspoken emotions that are too fleeting to fully acknowledge, yet collectively control the direction of our overall demeanor. His Faber Music profile described the album by saying “The record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections, and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships”. “Asos Model Crush” particularly focuses on the latter, outlining in a inarticulate sonnet how a beautiful model can offer an unrealistic and misleading sense of hope and comfort to a loveless idler. Idealistic and overcast as the song may be, dné reposted the live recording on his Facebook page a little over a week ago with a lovably vulnerable caption that read “This happened exactly two years ago, been happy ever since srsly”.