Up until 2019, Sigrid made a killing throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Her strategy to individually publish 17 singles/EPs over the past two years without ever releasing a full album was objectively frustrating from a consumer’s perspective. The Norwegian artist’s release process was slow and test-driven, clearly positioning her to reap the benefits of modern streaming culture’s focus on marketing and playlisting. Annoying as that strategy may be, let’s be honest – can anyone blame her?

Newsflash: with over half a billion unique streams across all platforms, virtually every strand of the spaghetti Sigrid’s thrown against the wall is sticking. Now that she’s honed a data-proven identity, the long-awaited release of her debut LP Sucker Punch couldn’t have come at a smarter time.

New faces within a saturated pop market are often scrutinized for trying to breach a categorically exclusive genre, but adopting Sigrid’s uplifting content is virtually effortless. She deliberately keeps her lyrics uncomplicated and topical, frequently harping on eternally prevalent themes like love, independence, and/or impulsiveness to appeal to a broad target market. Ask her to to be more lyrically exploratory and she’ll sternly point you to her B-sides “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Business Dinners”. These ballads of insubordination denounce the sanded down pop star that industry executives so desperately want Sigrid to become. She refuses to turn into any record label’s plaything, no matter how one-note they think her style may be. In fact, she isn’t shy in telling the listener “I wanna be basic”. Considering her short, semi-rebellious history in the music business, her “basic” lifestyle serves as a middle-finger to the industry’s corporate elite.

Despite that most of her lyrics are empathetic and simple, Sigrid still fancies inventiveness and experimentation in her production and collaborations. Songs like “Don’t Feel Like Crying” and “Sight of You” utilize orchestral arrangements that could be confused for climactic tracks from a classic Disney movie if not for Sigrid’s something off-color vocals. Her organically audacious voice and intoxicating hooks have DJs and producers visibly salivating, begging to remix her shortlist of new music. Over the past 2 years alone, 6 of Sigrid’s singles have have been remixed 11 times, while Sigrid herself has released another 3 acoustic covers. Considering Sigrid isn’t afraid about iterative progression, expect a number of additional remixes and personally reimagined renditions to scatter the remainder of the 2019.

Favorite Tracks: In Vain, Sucker Punch, Don’t Feel Like Crying, Sight Of You, Mine Right Now