While cathartic, dance-centric concerts are often a great way to blow of some steam, the fun can occasionally be outweighed by exhaustion. Sometimes what hard-working, burnt out concert-goers really need is a soothing live show to calm the nerves and stabilize the mind.

That’s where Tycho comes in. Their music is bold but leveling, creating spacious instrumental landscapes to bring balance to their listeners’ lives. Their trip to Boston’s Boch Center Wang Theatre saw them visibly open up mental avenues and engulf the audience’s senses with a sweeping sound as vast as the theater itself.

As nice as that sounds, guiding a mental odyssey so vast and immersive is a tough job for one man. Tycho frontman, composer, producer, and musician Scott Hansen knows that. Even though he traditionally composes his studio music alone, he reached out to a few helping hands to transform his show into the enchanting experience his fans demand. Tycho’s Weather World Tour came packaged with a touring guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist and a drummer, all strategically placed in a effort to heighten the group’s liveliness and intimacy. For the first time in his career, however, Hansen was not only accompanied by a band, but by vocalist Saint Sinner as well.

This exciting inclusion came in the wake of Tycho’s new album, Weather. As the 5th studio album in Tycho’s storied career, Weather is a brave progression from their traditionally instrumental electronic brand. Both the album and the live show retained Tycho’s conventionally relaxed instrumental melodies, yet effortlessly added Saint Sinner’s assuaging vocals for an ambient pop sound unlike anything Tycho has produced before.

While the music was certainly amazing in itself, the focal point of Tycho’s show wasn’t solely on Hansen’s guiding melodies, the band’s vibrant energy, or Saint Sinner’s fresh resonance. Rather, the aesthetic that Tycho cast upon the audience was focused around activating and sedating every sense possible. As Tycho’s expansive sound filled every crevice of the theater’s broad periphery, fans could feel each tender beat rumbling the chair beneath them. They slowly melted into their seats as they watched band’s silhouette cast upon a backdrop of kaleidoscopic visuals. Perplexing clips of mundane earthly scenes like traffic, desserts, clouds, surfers, crowded city streets, and more all faded in and out of the screen without much explanation. The audience stared in amazement with a wide-eyed, trance-like stupor wondering whether this was a concert or some heavenly dream.

After all was said and done, fans walked out of that theater with a slow pace and glazed smiles, looking noticeably more relaxed and loose than when they had excitedly rushed in hours earlier. The show was a manifest of musical hypnotherapy, positioning Tycho as more than just a talented musician joined by some talented friends. From a live perspective, Tycho’s show was equally valuable as a mechanism for therapeutic relief.

Below is a playlist featuring every track performed in order by Tycho during their trip to The Wang Theatre this last Wednesday.

Favorite Live Tracks: A Walk, Awake, Japan, Spectre, Pink & Blue